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    call us at 661-257-4900 Or Request for a Quote
               ISO Certificate   NMSDC Certificate

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    About Our Company

    Alternative Manufacturing & Design is an ISO9001:2008 certified metal manufacturing and fabrication facility based in Valencia, CA. With our decades of expertise and high end capabilities we are dedicated to providing world class services in manufacturing custom fabrication, CNC machining, engineering, and automotive parts.

    Formerly known as Alternative Metal Works, we started as a family owned business by Shaun Tramondo ( President ) in 2005. Now we are an established women minority owned metal manufacturing facility occupiing 25,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and designing of component parts and assemblies from all metals and/or plastics. We possess the capability to provide quality services to any customer anywhere in the world - Hi-Tech, Industrial, Medical, Mechanical, and Automotive.At Alternative Manufacturing & Design, we provide specialized services including:

    Precision Sheet metal Fabrication and Forming
    CNC Precision Machining and Lathe
    Custom Fabrication
    Precision Waterjet Cutting
    Conventional and spot Welding
    Tube Bending / Rolling
    Assembly and Hardware Installation

    We pride in a highly dedicated management team supporting a team of seasoned engineers, estimators, quality control and highly skilled workforce. Customer satisfaction being our greatest vision, we understand our customer requirements and expectations, and put our efforts to turn their concepts into reality.

    We operate a variety of equipment ranging from mechanical, electrical to computerized manual and/or automated systems that are routinely maintained to guarantee you with best quality product and ontime delivery.

    Through continous process improvement, we are committed to improve the quality of our prodcuts and services to meet our valued clients' ever changing needs.

    For quotes and about our services, please call us at: 661-257-4900
    email: ime@alternativemanufacturing.com

    about our services